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10/03/13 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Owner Comment:

Beginning the summer rental season of 2013 guest book sheets completed at our lake house will be photographed and uploaded on our Facebook page for Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove. If you cannot locate the Facebook link on our website, please contact us and we will direct you to such. We truly appreciate the kind words we have received from many families over the years and found that some sites that allow guest reviews cause spam issues for them and thought this was the best way to have valid guestbook comments accessible in one location. The Seeley Family
08/11/12 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Donna, Randy and Colby

Thank you for letting us stay at your beautiful home. We had a great time. We enjoyed the dock and the water. We had fun tubing and skiing. We also had fun fishing and swimming. The house is perfect . We hope to come again soon.

The Brown Family
Joe, Kim, Sierra and Blake
08/04/12 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Thank you for sharing your home with us. We had a great time. The kids enjoyed fishing, swimming and exploring under water. They thought it was really cool to be able to swum with the fish and be able to pet them under water. It was a very relaxing and peaceful here. It was nice to get away from the busy city and relax.

Jeff, Celeste, Mackenzie, McKayla, Elijah and Jaden
07/14/12 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
July 14 - 21, 2012

Dear Donna, Randy and Colby,

Thank you for letting us stay in your home. We had a very fun and relaxing vacation. The kids had a great time fishing off the docks, swimming on the lake and touring and tubing in the boat we rented. We saw Elvis many times, though he was elusive when we had our camera ready. We appreciated the well stocked kitchen, video library and books. This was truly a vacation we'll remember. We look forward to returning to Kindred Spirits.

Christina, Brian, Aidan,
Kieran & Fiona

(Comment from owner: Elvis is the local heron that comes by the cove - Very pretty bird)
06/23/12 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
June 23-30, 2012

Randy, Donna & Colby,

Thank you again for allowing us to vacation in your lovely home!! This is our 2nd year in your home and our 4th on the lake. There is no doubt in our family's mind that we have enjoyed your home the most! This week was lovely and relaxing. My parents joined us this year and fell in love with your home as well! We look forward to more years spent here at the lake and hopefully in the comforts of your beautiful location.

Alan, Stacy, Emily, Erin & Morgan
Karen & Turner
06/09/12 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Thank you so much for letting my family and I stay at your beautiful lake house. Everything was perfect, we all loved it. We left you a rooster bottle opener in appreciation! Once again thank you.

The Martins Family

Rank 4 (Per the article we leave at the house called: A Perfect 4!How do you rate your day at the cabin? By Mike Wilkus)

Thank you
We had so much fun.
Your lake house was so fun!

The Martins Kids

08/06/11 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Another great vacation at Lake Anna. Girls enjoyed sharing it with friends and family. The lake is now home to one oar, 2 pairs of goggles and a headband. Seems nothing floats here.

We really liked the new grocery store so close by and a good Chinese dinner out one night. We got a few books read and lots of magazines were enjoyed. One thunderstorm brought us inside for and afternoon of movies.

The blue lizzards are still here to great us and we saw a few neighborhood dogs during our stay.

We hope to come back again. Thanks for the hospitality!
Karen, Joe, Emily and Megan
07/23/11 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
7/23 to 30, 2011

Thank you for sharing this wonderful place. We had 2 birthdays and a 1st yr anniversary. We enjoyed all the amenities it has and getting in touch with nature. The kids fed the fishes. The adults barbecued and the night owls saw a little whitish pig (Possum) in the middle of the night and quite a few bass jumping off the water. Small ones also learned to pick river clams with their toes.
07/09/11 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
This is our first visit to Lake Anna as well as Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove. Our family was very excited to spend a week in "Paradise" and we were not disappointed. Swimming every day, boating, tubing, relaxation with family, everything we expected and more.

Thank you, your passion for creating a comfortable family vacation home for others to enjoy has been met and exceeded. Thank you Donna, Randy and Colby for sharing your family home with ours.

All the best.
The Palmers and Bursich's
07/09/11 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
What a wonderful time on Lake Anna this year!! This is our 3rd yr on the lake and 3rd house. Donna and Randy's house is by far the best we have stayed in from the location all the way down to the comforts of home.

Our trip didn't start off the best, left later than we wanted and got stuck in the driveway - boat and car!! Thankfully, Mr. Bob was here to help pull us out!!!Randy and Donna were only a phone call away as well and continued to call us until they wre sure we were settled and ok!

Lost an anchor the following day and realized we had forgotten all our fishing gear.......... a few $'s later, we finally got to enjoy our much needed vacation!

We had the perfect week.... quite, perfect weather with a few evening storms.

Thank you again for your hospitality and welcoming home!!! We hope to visit again next year :)

The Buster Family
06/01/11 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Dear Seeleys & Lockards,

Thanks again for a great weekend. As usual the house was wonderful. The weather once again perfect!! This is our 5th Memorial Day Weekend here at the lake - 4th at KSCC. We love it and hate to leave each time.

Thanks again.

The Kearnerys and Livicks

08/21/10 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Guest Stay Aug 21-28, 2010

Wow, your lake house was just what we've been looking for in a vacation spot. So many wonderful memories were made during our week here. The girls favorite part was being close enough for friends and family to come share it with us. We got to see lots of wildlife and enjoy lots of downtime. The loft space was a huge hit with the girls and their friends. Early morning time on the dock was a highlight for Joe, who go to see jumping fish, swooping falcons catching breakfast and mist rising from the water. My favorite part ws the quiet time to read my books and magazines. What a treat. Providing all the comforts of home was a great surprise. We definitely want to return to experience it all again. Thank you so much for everything.

The Steele Family
Kare, Joe, Emily and Megan
Burke, VA
08/14/10 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Guest stayed Aug 7-14, 2010

Arriving at Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove was like walking into a 4-star Hotel. Our family was so impressed with the extra immenities the owners provided. There were bottles of wine in the wine cooler, ingredients to make s'mores and lots of little extras in the kitchen we did not expect. The bathrooms were supplied with cute little soaps on the counters and even mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, bath wash etc. All of the beds in the house were made with 1st class sheets, blankets & pillows. There were lots of toys and a play station to keep the kids busy and every room had a television with dvd player or VCR. We found a huge selection of movies, books & magazines. We spent most of our time at the dock which was furnished with lots of chairs, sand toys and water toys. We brought our boat and jet skis which we were able to keep in the water the whole week thanks to the boat slip and tie-up areas. We cooked at home the entire week and found the kitchen to be fully stocked with everything we needed and the grill was huge and well maintained. The two things I loved the most was waking up in the morning, laying in bed and being able to have a beautiful view of the lake and having a very short walk from the house to docks. We were able to go back and forth between the house and dock without it being such a long walk or cumbersome trek up a hill. Honestly, I can not think of one thing we did not like about our vacation house. The entire week was stress free and relaxing. We've

vacationed at Lake Anna for 15 years and stayed in many rentals and Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove was absolutely the BEST accomodations we've ever had. The owners of the home were very consientious about communication and made us feel like we were at home in their home. Kudos to the owners for offering such a wonderful home for vacation rental and providing 1st class immenities to their guests!

Smithsburg, MD
07/24/10 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
July 24 to July 31, 2010

Donna & Randy,

Having flown from the UK and feeling a little worn out on arrival, your fabulous house and Lake Anna were just what we needed and exceeded all our expectations. How wonderful to wake in the morning and look out of the window at such a lovely view. The lake was amazing for swimming. I couldn't believe how warm it was - I'm a coward with cold water so this was just great. The boys have enjoyed their time here too with swimming top of their list. No fishing or boating, but we enjoyed watching others do this - didn't see any fish being caught though. Interesting looking for wildlife - quite different from the UK - except for the squirrels - we've plenty of them back home!

This has been a lovely week in a fantastic place. Thanks.

Nick & Mandy Allison Devon UK
and Josh, Jamie & Tom
  Mandy Allison
Devon UK
07/03/10 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
July 3 to July 10, 2010

Thank you so much for sharing your home with us. The kids had a blast. Our husbands spent countless hours on the dock fishing. Can't say they caught much, but enjoyed it. Your home had everything we needed and was extremely kid-friendly which was so nice. We usually go to the Outer Banks for the 4th, but this was a nice change. We made lots of memories together and got lots of Thank you again.

God Bless
Samantha & Family
06/26/10 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
June 26 to July 3, 2010

We came from many places to enjoy a family week and had a great time! We enjoyed swimming, fishing, boating and hanging out together. We had many great meals on the deck -especially celebrating our Pop-pop's 70th birthday!

Jen, Wally, Nick & Allie - Herndon VA
Galen, Kate & Jacob - Denver CO
JoAnna - Portland OR
Tom & Leslie - Bonita Springs FL
06/19/10 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Your dock area is fantastic. The whole outdoor area was perfect for our family. The inside of your home is great, everything supplied. Our family enjoyed all. We had many laughs. Our oldest son and his family live 6 hours from the rest of us. The time we shared at your home was so fabulous for all of us. Thank you.
06/13/10 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
To The Seeleys-

Thank you for letting us use your home. We really enjoyed ourselves beyond belief! You truly have a little piece of heaven here! We enjoyed the lake - caught a HUGE bass and several bluegills and a few catfish. I will send pictures. My daughter (Anna - Age 8) drew this picture and brought it to me and said, "Mom, will you write a thank on my picture and leave it on the fridge for the owners"! :) So here it is!

Thank you again - we had a wonderful week!
The Wonderlings & Kennemuth's

OWNER'S Note: It was a very lovely picture of bees, flowers and a big sunshine and I hope to frame it for the lake house as well. We love to know the fun the children and adult guests have at our lake house and it puts such a smile on our face when we see from the children how in their way of showing their fun and enjoyment of Kindred Spirits. Thank you for sharing.

Donna Smith-Seeley
05/31/10 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Thank you AGAIN for another wonderful weekend at Lake Anna. This is our 4th year coming over Memorial Day weekend and each year is just as much fun, if not more, than the previous year. This year we spent a lot of time at the fire pit. The older teenagers really enjoy that! Thanks again and we'll be back next year!

The Kearneys and the Livicks
05/24/10 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Our second visit to Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove was even better than our first a few years ago! The views are breathtaking!

We truly enjoyed the ease of using the dock for our boat, for fishing, for playing on the slide and for watching the world pass by.

We are already trying to nail down a date for our next visit.

Thanks again.

The Akers

My favorite part of Lake Anna is playing in the sand and the water. I like to go boating. The bed is comfortable. The house is wonderful.
Katie - 8

My favorite part of Lake Anna was going boating.
Allie - 3
01/01/10 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Well it is 2010 and hope all had a wonderful holiday season. My reason for adding this comment is that we are now able to provide Wi-Fi to prime rental season guests. Verizon Wireless now has a product called Mifi 2200 and it is a 5 user broadband wireless network guests can connect through their own computer's Wi-Fi application. More details are provided upon request and of course information is provided with leasing. Wish all a great 2010. 2009 was certainly a trying year and can only hope 2010 is much better for all! Take care and hope to hear from you on our home Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove at Lake Anna. Also a big thank you to those coming back again and that have contacted me with warm Christmas wishes.

Warm regards -

  Owner Seeley
10/02/09 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Oct 2, 2009 to Oct 4, 2009

Your house has surpassed our expectations. We had a lovely and relaxing weekend. It is very thoughtful to have specials for race weekends. We will keep you in mind for next season's races.

Eli (9 months) loved all the "new" toys and the large dump truck on the dock. It was so quiet and peaceful the whole family slept in till 7.

Enjoy getting in some open water swims. The water was still quite pleasant and we have perfect 70 degree weather.

Thanks again.

Sarah, Carlos and Eli

Owner's comments: On our personal site we list triathlon races held at Lake Anna and list an early check-in late check-out flat rate for the weekend for guests. Our home is 4 miles west of the Lake Anna State Park and some races are held at that venue.
09/08/09 Positive
This was our 3rd year vacationing at the lake and as expected it was wonderful. The entire family enjoys relaxing, boating, fishing, etc. The home, of course, leaves nothing to be desired. We hope to return. Thank you again.
Kim, Don, Scott, Kate, Tim and family
09/01/09 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Well another sucessful summer time rental season and many thanks to all of the families that visited Lake Anna and our home Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove. From Memorial Day to Labor Day we entertained 13 families and from many of the photos sent and comments left or emailed to me, it seemed there was much family fun and many memories made.

Also thank you to those that have already re-booked for next year or who are already thinking about visiting us again in 2010. Many of you have become long distant friends visiting us year after year and it is truly appreciated and so enjoy seeing your children and grandchildren growing up at the lake.

Again thank you to all who stayed and visited this year and to anyone checking out our site for the first time please note our rates tab that lists our current availability for 2010 as well as a welcome to contact me on any questions on our home if interested in a possible stay.

Best wishes for the rest of 2009.

Thank you again -

08/29/09 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
August 22-29, 2009

Thank you for sharing your spectacular home with us once again this year. You have thought of everything that anyone would need and then more. The weather was beautiful. The children squealed with delight (also the adults) while rafting behind the boat and also jet skiing, water skiing and canoeing. We did find time to relax and play games too. The men played golf one day and we went to Oldtown Fredericksburg. Our freshly caught catfish dinner was delicious. Have a great year!

The Wrights
Elden, Mary Ellen, Bill, Shellie, Isabelle and Ben
(Repeat guest year 4)
Fairfax VA
08/08/09 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
WOW! We had a wonderful week at your amazing home on Lake Anna. Our week was packed with adventure and it went like this:

-Relax on the deck, fish, go on boat, relax on the deck, go on a raft behind the boat, relax on the deck, Kings Dominion, relax on the deck, Washington DC, relax on deck, fish, fish, go on the boat!! It does not get any better.

We can not wait to come back again. Our 3 girls will have this week to remember always. Thank you!

The Lipton Famioy
(Jason, Faith, Eliza, Abby and Audrey)
Bradenton FL

Recommended place for boat rental: Wake Makers
Recommended place to visit: Old Town Alexandria VA
Recommended Places to eat: Chicken Neckers - expensive, but very good.

Beds very confortable. All the little extras as far as supplies wonderful! We loves all seating available outside. I know you probably have no control over this but WIFI would be convient for researching on internet/maps.

Owner Comment: Where we are located on the lake we are still not afforded cable or high speed internet availability - What we use when at our lake home is a local phone number for Spotsylvania for a dial up provider connection or we have a verizon device on our personal lap top we bring down and get connection when aimed towards the lake. Lake Anna is very quaint still and we as well are waiting for a possible WIFI connection but for now you can connect but those are the best solutions.
Bradenton, FL
08/01/09 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
July 25, 2009 to August 1, 2009


We did have a relaxing time at the lake. The grandchildren had a great time fishing, swimming and tubing. Your home suited our needs perfectly.

With Best Regards,

07/25/09 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
July 19, 2009 to July 25, 2009

Dear Donna and Randy,

Thank you for allowing us to rent your lovely lake house. Your attention to detail is so appreciated. The children loved having their own little table and chairs on the deck. The slide became the mountain to master! And master it they did. One by one they worked up the courage to do the slide! The coffee was wonderful. Both my daughters work at Starbucks and believe it or not we forgot the coffee. Vacation without coffee--impossible! The many details that created the home like atmosphere really added to our pleasure.

Thank You!

The squirrels may not be able to climb trees after our visit. They stole and ate two whole pound containers of dough bait. I can't say you didn't warn us! And there is a very happy five foot long black snake living under the deck at the new swing level ( the one that holds two and looks out on the lake). The boys loved that! Black snakes don't bother me but I thought you would like to know.
Here are a few photos.

07/18/09 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
July 11, 2009 to July 18, 2009

Another great week at your beautiful lake house. This was our third year and it's the high light of our summer being able to spend a week relaxing and having fun with our kids and grand kids.

Larry Sevcik
07/11/09 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
July 3, 2009 to July 11, 2009

Hi Donna,

I must say, that my job has paid for me to travel to some VERY nice places around the world and NONE OF THEM are as nice as your little slice of heaven on the lake...

While I was there, I fell in love with your picture that sits on the living room coffee table. The snowy view of the lake from the deck. You wouldn't happen to have a digital copy of that photo, do you? I thought it would
look great as wallpaper on my work computer...

Again, thank you so much for allowing us to enjoy your paradise for a week which felt like only a day.

What I miss most is waking up early and starting my day of serenity in the hammock, waiting for the Great Blue Heron to fly out of the cove so we could both begin our day...

You can be sure that you'll hear from us again. Laurie has already been on-line checking availability of your big summer holidays.

Talk to ya soon.
Take care.
06/27/09 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
June 27 to July 3, 2009

We came with the McKay family. What a beautiful and serene home you have. We really have enjoyed quality family time this week. Your home is lovely.

S. Dawson

I have enjoyed this week. Have had a wonderful vacation. Fishing, boating and resting on the deck looking out over the lake.

H. Dawson
06/27/09 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
June 27 to July 3, 2009

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us. It was more than we expected and made for one of our best vacations. We certainly enjoyed ourselves and were sad when we had to leave. We hope to visit again. Your hospitality was much appreciated-again thank you for sharing your little bit of heaven of earth.

Shelia & Jim

My favorite part was relaxing on the deck and swimming - Thank you - Emily (12)

My favorite part was riding and relaxing on the boat. Thank you for the great time - Jarrett (15)

My favorite part was sleeping in till 12:00 in the morning. Thanks for the peaceful time - Jake (12)

I enjoyed fishing on the dock at night and in the morning on a boat - Joel (10)

I caught my first fish and loved swimming and playing at the dock - Jenna (2)
06/20/09 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
June 20 to June 27, 2009

What a beautiful treasure you have here at Lake Anna. This was our first trip to your lake and I feel sure it will not be our last! I am not sure you could make your home more enjoyable if you tried, all the little touches and comforts made for a very relaxing and stress free stay.

It was my husband's 60th birthday and finding a cake with candles made him feel very special. Thank you.

Our granddaughters enjoyed the lake, slide, sand and fishing so very much.

The grown ups enjoyed the lake, the view, the fishing and the wonderful weather.

Again your home is everything a family could ask for while on vacation, hope to return again!

The Whites from the Eastern Shores of Virginia
06/13/09 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
We always travel to stay with family or friends. We needed a vacation for just our family this year. What a fabulous and relaxing time we had! The house has everything and more! The home is beautiful- very clean, neat, organized and very comfortable. It's a perfect home for children. One wakes up with a gorgeous view of the lake. The cove where the home is has clean, deep water and always felt safe. There's a slide for the kids (us adults went off of it also). The sandbox is huge! The kids spent lots of time in it. We took along our canoe to explore the edges of the open part of the lake. During the week the lake is calm and pretty quiet. From the inside of the home, there's pretty much a lake view from the entire house. The decks are beautiful and well kept. One of the things we really liked was the many, many different seating areas. A small back deck (porch), lake-front upper deck, middle deck and lower deck. They all have seating areas. There are 2 air chairs, a bench swing, a hammock and about 3 picnic tables.

We don't have one negative comment about this home - and I'm a picky person - well, just one, that we couldn't stay another week!

June 13 to June 20, 2009
Gaitherburg, MD
06/01/09 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
We stayed at the home for a weekend at the end of May. We could not have asked for a better place. The house is beautiful and has everything you could need or want. The outside area is amazing! We were able to put our boat in the water right there using the private boat dock and keep the boat tied up at the house. We went hiking in the state park and wine tasting at a local winery. This is the perfect house to rent for a getaway. The only complaint I have is that we didn't get to stay long enough. Donna was wonderful to rent from and easy to get ahold of. I would recommend this home to anyone and I plan to stay there again.
05/25/09 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
5-22-2009 to 5-25-2009 Memorial Day Weekend!!

Thanks again for a wonderful visit. The home is just great with all your special touches. We enjoy the deck area the best - not many on the lake as nice as yours!

We would definitely recommend to other people.

The Kearneys & Livisks
(Repeat Guests)
  Kearney & Livick
05/20/09 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
To All Past Guests and New Ones to visit. Thank you in advance for a wonderful 2009 summer season. We have many faces coming back to add to the memories from visiting the lake and our home as well as many new who are coming to explore and enjoy all that Lake Anna has to offer. We wish you well and hope that our home offers as much fun during your stay as it does to us. Take care and the best this summer.

Warm regards -

Donna, Randy and Colby
  Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove
Lake Anna VA
08/23/08 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home again with us this year. It was so nice to be on the dock and relax with the beautiful view. We enjoyed boating, canoeing, swimming and riding in the tube, We also had a catfish dinner and used the new grill several times. The men played golf one day, and we went to the gift shops in Louisa. They had so many cute things for the children, that they had a hard time making a decision. Have a wonderful year and thank you again.

The Wrights
Elden, Mary Ellen, Shellie, Bill, Isabelle and Ben

(Repeat Guests-3rd visit)
08/16/08 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
This is the second year we have vacationed at Child's Cove. We love everything about the house and the lake. We couldn't think of anything you don't have to make our stay comfortable.

Fishing from the dock provided hours of fun as well as floating in the cove.

We plan to come back next year,

Meeting Donna and Randy the day we arrived was so nice and the cake was very thoughtful.

All the extras were so nice. Thank you so much.

Kim & Don Harris
Kathy and Scott
Kathy, Ron, Kim, Allie and Shane
(Repeat Guests)
08/09/08 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
We had a wonderful time! Our 18 month old, Lily, summed it up when we first arrived - we opened the living room blinds and took in the view of the lake and she could not stop staying, "WOW"

The weather was beautiful and we spent our days swimming, boating and relaxing on the deck. We especially loved the hanging chairs though once we were in we weren't sure we'd get out!

The house is lovely and very well equipped. It's obvious how much care is taken to make sure guests have an ideal vacation. Thank you for sharing your home!

Kelly, Tom & Lily O'Neil
8-9-2008 to 8-16-2008 visit
08/08/08 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Thank you for the wonderful week on the lake. Your home is beautiful and we really appreciate how well stocked it was. A huge plus is how child friendly your home is; from the baby items to video games for older kids (and Dads!)

We wish that it was possible to spend another week lounging on your wonderful decks.

Thanks again-

Peter, Rachel & Joey Stafford
8-2-2008 to 8-9-2008 visit
07/26/08 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Your attention to detail is evident in the many practical comforts included in Kindred Spirits. Worthy of note are the cozy cotton linens and the well-stocked kitchen. The little "extras" around the house really come in handy! I never thought I could forget baby wipes! You have a great stash.

We had a relaxing week of family connection time. We even enjoyed the rainy days so we could play games like Clue!

The Dunne Clan
Michael, Michelle, Bridget, Karlyn, Tim, Gretchen, Liam and Eamon
07/12/08 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
As you can see from the pictures, we all - once again - had a wonderful week at your lovely lake house!

Everything was great!

Our 6 1/2 year old grandson, Jake, got up on ski's for the first time! He and Rachel (Almost 4) slept up in the loft and loved it! And Evelyn (15 months) slept great in the crib, loved eating in the high chair and even liked swimming in the lake!

We really appreciate all of the "Kid friendly" things you provide! The guys of course loved the new grill!-and
Larry, the Captain, really appreciated the new fenders/bumpers on the dock! The kids did some fishing, and we adults had some awesome relaxing! We are so comfortable here. Our evenings spent playing games around your large table were such nice family times.

Thanks for all that you do - and Miss Karen- do to prepare the house for us. We are already looking forward to our week here again in July 2009.

Pam, Larry Sevcik & Family
(Repeat Guest)
06/28/08 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
We had another wonderful time! We made many new memories and enjoyed reminiscing about the old! Thank you for providing such a lovely home. And, it was so good to finally meet you face to face!

The kids had such a wonderful visit - hours spent swimming and fishing and building sandcastles!

See you next year!


The Lee & Fox Families
Dale & Carol, Alan & Beth, Madison, Hannah, Ethan, Caleb & Zachary!

(Repeat Guests)
06/21/08 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Thanks for a great vacation! We have stayed at several places on Lake Anna over the years and this one is "Tops"! *****'s (5 stars) You have a beautiful home and have made it so inviting and relaxing. Especially enjoyed the beautiful shade trees all around. There's something for everyone to enjoy- inside and out.

We had a great time!!!!

The Raglands & Grotte
Hal, Shirley, John, Leslie, Ben and Meredith
06/14/08 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Thank you for a wonderful week; it was enjoyed by all! children, grandchildren and grandparents! We appreciated the well equipped home and all the personal touches. It was especially thoughtful to receive a call from Randy and Donna upon our arrival :) The sign at the enterance that reads "Caution, Relaxation Ahead" is truly accurate!!

The Beckwith Family
Todd, Barbara, Ellen, Phil, Samuel, Anna, Andrew and Meghan
05/23/08 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Memorial Day Weekend!!

The Kearneys & Livicks had a wonderful time at your beautiful home. We could not have asked for more with all your little extras to make it special! We would highly recommend your home to others and would love to come back ourselves!

Thanks again!!
Moria, John, Griffin, Ian Kearney (& Landar)
Andrea, Todd, Stephen, Taylor Livick (& Megan)
05/05/08 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
We could not have asked for a more perfect house and view. The house was very well stocked and we appreciated all of the extras that were left for our use.

The children really enjoyed the sand area and loved being able to fish off of the dock. Our oldest daughter caught (11) fish during our stay.

Thank you again for opening up your beautiful home...we wish we would have found it sooner!

The Akers
03/28/08 Positive
Myself, 2 daughters, ages 9 and 5 along with my sister-in-law and her two children, ages 6 and 3 visited your lovely home the week of our Spring Break Mar 15-22. What a fantastic time we had. The weather was fabulous- too cold to go swimming but the girls tried out the water up to their knees. It was relaxing, calming and just pure serene---- all we heard was nature around us, no cars, sirens, helicopters or planes. We never heard once from the kids" WE ARE BORED' or "THERE IS NOTHING TO DO" The kids played in the sand area or when they were free from that fun, Hayley caught 2 catfish (pretty good size); Alex caught 2 Sunfish, (tiny but she was happy) and Lynsey caught one blugill ( tiny but she thought it was a whopper). It was so wonderful, the house and all the amenities in the whole house were really remarkable. The house was immaculate, the generous treasures that awaited us were tremendous, all the little extras made the house so wonderfully adapt --- you could just arrive, unpack your car and know that you can come in, sit down and be happy. The beds are made, towels in the bathroom, lotion, soap, shampooo all in the bathrooms not to mention all the extras in the fridge. The kids loved looking for Easter Eggs, and truley enjoyed the Easter Basket you left with all the goodies. They were just amazed with all the fun games, movies, and extras you had waiting for them to find. Such a sanctuary for peace and quiet. Donna, you and your family are so gracious to share such your wonderful place with others. Thanks so much for lettin us rent your fabulous home, If I had not rented a home in the outer banks this summer, I would book this house NOW!!!!! Will definately be back next Spring Break. Thanks again for Everything! Could not find a more tranquil or ready for you place on the lake if you tried!

With Greatest Thanks
Pam Reynolds & Family
  Pam Reynolds, Alexandria, VA

03/15/08 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Our week of Spring Break is coming to a close. We will be so sad to leave in the morning.

What a memorable and delightful week we had! Spent most of our time on the decks and the kids in the sand area! What a great extra! Sure kept the little ones occupied. The weather cooperated- beautiful sunny days and crisp cool mornings and nights!

The house and location are absolutely amazing! The view is breath taking at sunrise and through out the day! The house was clean, fully stocked with everything! Donna, your little Easter Basket and eggs were a big hit. The kids enjoyed hunting for the eggs! We also had the leprechans visit on St Patty's morning.

Haley caught two catfish and she was very excited. Her little Barbie fishing pole worked extremely well! The kids fished and played as it was too cold water temp for them to go swimming. Their legs got soaked often.

I can not sum up into words what a great time we all had this week- I never heard I'm bored once!!!! That was a mother's dream!

Thank you so much for sharing your home! You really know how to make your guests feel special. We really will be packing a suitcase full of memories. Hopefully we will return next Spring Break. Thanks again!

Jim, Pam, Haley, Alexandre Reynolds and
Chrissy, Mac & Lindsey Patterson

PS- I just heard the phrase- What are we going to do when we go home!- so the long drive begins 1 1/2 hours will seem like and eternity!

Thanks again for everything.
08/25/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
The Wright Family Aug 18-25, 2007

How wonderful it was to return to the lake and your loveley home once again. It is so evident that you put much TLC into it, and we lack for nothing. We enjoyed boating, canoeing, swimming, fishing, playing in the sand, golfing and watching the otters, herons and other wildlife. We also went to Kings Dominion one day. Thank you for your hospitality and to you, Randy, for greeting us upon arrival with your nice phone call.

We were even "entertained" by a lovely snake. Ben found it, but was back in the water a couple of hours later. Boys!


Mary Ellen, Eldin, Ben, Isabelle, Shelia and Bill
(Repeat Guests)

08/18/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:





08/11/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Our Lake Anna vacation was everything we'd hoped for - lots of fun family time and everyone having a great time in and on the water.

The house is beautiful and very "kid friendly" with toys, play station, high chairs, crib, etc. We had three generations here and everyone had a wonderful week. Mostly we just hung out at the house and swam in the lake. We did rent a pontoon boat one day and that was really fun.

Kyle (6) and Nathan (5) got really comfortable in the water and enjoyed the slide. Tesse (2) and Cassidy (1) spent a lot of time in the water and enjoyed the beach and sand toys.

Thanks for all the extras you provided. It really made us feel at home.

Bob & Barb Thomas, etc..........

P.S. I'll e-mail you a picture!

08/04/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
The Mahar Family

Wow! What a great vacation. My family totally loved the lake and loved your house. Thank you for all the extras. The sand area was awesome. Our kids played for hours in the sand area. Our three year old son- Matt (who is sometimes hard to get in a pool) actually swam in the lake and went tubing!!! Thanks for the wonderful time!

Dawn, Ray, Megan & Matt

The other Mahar's

Thank you so much for a wonderful vacation. We absolutely loved the lake, your house, the deck, dock etc. All three of our kids loved to fish (I will send you some pictures) everyone caught something off the dock. They loved the slide- that was fun. The sand had many sand castles made in it with many destructions. Your home was very comfortable, we slept well and felt very welcomed. Thank so much for everything. We will be back next year!!

Mike, Kathy, Austin, Ashley & Alex Mahar.

I had fun going down the slide - Alec Mahar!

I loved the seat and sandbox. Thank you!! Ashley Mahar :)


Your house was simply wonderful, we had an absolute blast at the lake!!!! I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of my kids catching some fish off the dock. They loved it.

Thanks again.


Evaluation form comments:
This is our first vist to Lake Anna, your home was awesome, better than expected.
07/28/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Thank you so much for opening your home to our family! We couldn't have enjoyed ourselves more! We were able to enjoy some much needed family time. As I'm sure you know it can be crazy traveling with little guys, but all of your "extras" made it so much easier. We will be back!

The Furlongs
Gretchen, Dave, Parker and Sawyer
07/21/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
As parents, grandparents, we have been looking for the past 3 yrs for a house on a lake that we can take our family to. This is the third lake in as many years that we have tried. Our search is over! The lake is perfect and your home certainly exceeded our expectations. It will be nice to have a place we're familiar with to come to with our family. Thanks for a great week.

Larry & Pam Sevcik
Elizabethtown PA

Comments on evaluation form:
We've rented at other lakes, but not at Lake Anna, but: we loved all of the baby/kid "stuff" that was provided-thanks! Jake our 5 yr old grandson loved the play station and games! We loved the dock/slide! ease of docking our boat-sandy beach area was lots of fun!-thanks for providing fire wood for our campfire! air conditioning was great! outdoor lighting was super!-enjoyed the picnic table and grill!-the guys say "great grill"!-the blue chairs at the dock-awesome! fun hammock! - excellent kitchen (maybe another full size cookie sheet?)- wonderful laundry area! -and yes, we all loved the leather recliner!! Nice stairs down to the lake!-so nice to have a dining room and table that we all could sit at- and comfortable chairs too! everything is decorated so nice - flowers at the door (driveway) are so pretty and welcoming - we had to touch them to ensure that they weren’t real! our grandkids (Jake 5.5 and Rachel 2.5) both went down the slide - pictures to follow! The 2 yr old thinks this is grandma's house (it is so homey) we all can't wait to come back next summer! I hope this is the beginning of a long relationship with you-and your lovely home! pictures will follow- Pam
07/21/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
What a relaxing time we were able to have! The blue chairs and the dock, the hammock, all let our cares float away. Our 5 yr old began jumping in the waters without having someone catch him and grew greatly as a swimmer. He also loved the spiderman and MX/ATV video games. Mindy even met the otter one morning. Thanks!

Matt, Mindy and Jake Sevcik
E-Town Pa
07/21/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Our family had such a good time here! Our 2 yr old looked forward to every morning playing in the sand, riding on Grandpa's boat and learning to "swim" with her life vest on. Even our 3 mnth old enjoyed herself - especially all of the great baby stuff you provided! We had a great week of skiing, tubing, swimming and cards with out family. Thanks!

Jeremy, Becky, Rachel & Evelyn
07/14/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
What a perfect house, a perfect view and a perfect beach. We had a wonderful week here at Kindred Spirits and look forward to returning. The kids had a blast on the beach, the grandparents enjoyed the hammock and everyone loved the beautiful house. The daddies especially liked the video games and the little ones enjoyed the stash of "new" and exciting toys! Thanks for everything!

The Lupolds, the Lupolds, and the Bairs
07/07/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Thank you for a wonderful week! Your home is lovely and we enjoyed and RELAXED- We appreciate all of the amenities you offered - I'll send you information on the "Bobber-Cooler!"

Robin & Tim Yuckenberg, etal
6-30-07 to 7-7-07

Owner's Comments from guests evaluation form:Guest made mention to note the landfill hours for trash removal - They are 7am-5pm daily -except for major holidays.
06/30/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
What a house! It truly was a "Home Away from Home". The kids loved every minute of it and we don't want to leave. Everything was beyond our expectations and we appreciate all the amenities which made it that much more enjoyable. The weather was great. The kids caught enough to stock another whole lake. Thanks again, it truly was a wonderful week!

The Shingletons & Angstadts

Guests Comments of Evaluation Card:

Impression of Childs Cove Community: Quiet, peacful, friendly and most important fun!

Remarks on Lake Anna: Beautiful Area

Places to Visit: Montpelier, Monticello, Fredericksburg

Recommended place for boat rental: Sturgeons

Other remarks: Home was beyond our expections, as close to perfect as you can get!
06/23/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Another WONDERFUL stay! Thank you so much for providing such a lovely home for us to enjoy!

The Lees
(Repeat Guests)
05/21/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Thank you for an enjoyable weekend. We had great weather and enjoyed our time in your home on the lake.

Laurel and Doug Goeke
04/08/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Thank you again for your super hospitality! The Easter treats for the kids was a huge hit!

The house was great. Your improvements since last summer made it even better!

We had a great time together. We got in a little fishing - although we think the fish were too cold to bite. OR we were too cold to be patient :) !

Can't wait to be back in June!

Thanks again for your thoughfulness.

The Lee Family
(Repeat Guests)
04/01/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Thanks so much for the welcoming home, even Easter treats! The well equipped kitchen was a bonus too! The care you put into this home is obvious and makes it a special place to visit.

Being here in the spring had the following pluses; (1) the view of the lake was clear beacuse the leaves aren't out on the trees quite yet, (2) the cove and lake was very quiet because no one was around, and (3) bugs were a non-issue. I mention this in case summer visitors want to consider a spring trip.

The loft with PS2 was great for us. My son and his friend had a spot to hang out without interupting our tranquality. Very nice set up for a family.

How lucky can you get? We had consecutive 75 degree days with lots of sunshine.

Appreciate your thoughtfulness in all the little touches.

Cathy, John, June, Steve & Cory

Owner Comment: Lake Anna provides year round enjoyment. Each season offers something different and beautiful to see. Off season can provide more quiet, but being in a no-wake cove just slightly off the main lake can add to that quiet during the busy season as well (A great cove for little ones to swim, but deep water for boating). Regarding summer visits, please note that we have around the outside lake area tiki torches with citronella if there is any issue with bugs as sometimes happens near the water when it gets warmer, also we limb our trees often, leaving a large view of the water during all seasons (which you can see from our photos) but during the off season the canopy of leaves over the home is gone and you will notice more homes/neighbors that you didn't know existed. Again if you can visit Lake Anna other than summer, you will find it is just as much fun and as nice as then. Especially if you are able to come when there is a light snow dusting. What a winter wonderland it can become. The snow covering and the water just makes it a beautiful site. If you haven't tried Lake Anna between Sept- May it is a must!
03/31/07 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
It is the beginning of the 2007 season and hope you enjoy reading our guest book. First we thank all the guests who have already booked early for the 2007 summer season as well as a special appreciation to the repeat families who are going to visit us again. We enjoy getting to know our families that visit and hope that after seeing our web site and guest book you too will be guests to make wonderful memories at our home. A little update on what we did after the summer season: This late fall until early spring was very busy for us, we installed a new HVAC system, new roof, new bathroom venting, brought in 90 tons of gravel for the driveway, black topped the apron driveway to the home, updated the washer and dryer, painted, sanded and stained around the home, some landscaping/gardening, installed an outside shower on the dock (to rinse the sand babies)as well add a slide on the dock to splash into the waters of Lake Anna - and we can't forget about Miss Karen, Miss Karen who is our wonderful neighbor who helps in making our home one of the cleanest you will find is also making it possible to provide linens, towels and the preparation of the beds upon arrival for the guests. We had a wonderful 2006 and we anticipate another great year and wish you can share in it too! - Donna
10/14/06 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Dear Guests or possible future guests:

LINEN UPDATE: 10-14-2006 We are now able to provide our guests the ability to have beds made upon arrival and sheets washed after departure - Donna
08/31/06 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
We so enjoyed our visit in your home and how nice it was to be welcomed personally. The ammenities are lovely and everything so well stocked. It was great to have steps to the dock, and we spent many wonderful hours boating, canoeing, swimming and fishing. We all enjoyed a catfish dinner!! The children loved the loft (club house). Thank you for sharing your home with us.

The Wright Family

Comments from evaluation card:

RE: Childs Cove Community (Boat launch area):

Very satisfactory

Re: Our Home:

Your home was far superior to any in which we have stayed. You have thought of everything and that is most appreciated.

Re: Remarks on your stay at Lake Anna:

A very family oriented place.
08/25/06 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Dear Donna, Randy & Colby,

What a wonderful new home you have! We had a blast this week!! Who knew we would have so much fun. This is definitely a repeat vacation. It was so nice of you to give the boys the thrill of their summer on the jet ski's!

They are hooked.

The Howards

Comment from Owner: These guests were repeat guests in that they have stayed at our beach home in Ocean City MD last summer. We also happened to be at vacation at Lake Anna at the same time they were on vacation and we able to give them some water fun on the jet ski's. I wanted to make note of this since we do not provide water craft at the home nor tubes to be pulled on the water or life vests, but there are many places to rent boats at Lake Anna. The 2 places guests have recommended for 2006 are Duke's Marina and Lake Anna Beach Marina. Also near by our home is a place at Hunter's Landing to rent tubes and items to pull on the water from water craft. There are some closer marinas, but these seemed to be the ones that stood out. Being on the water is really a lot of fun at the lake and if you don't have a boat you might want to research renting one by day or week for your stay at Lake Anna.- Donna
Timonium Maryland
08/19/06 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Your home is very cozy and in a lovely spot. The access to the lake was wonderful. We enjoyed fishing off the dock and swimming, tubing and boating. We provided extensive comments on the evaluation sheet, which we hope are useful. Our many "suggestions" for a way to ensure relaxation would be to contract with a service that takes care of laundry and cleaning chores currently assigned to "guests" otherwise, your set up here is really a nice one and we thank you for allowing us to stay in your home.

Smith Family

Comments from owner: Regarding laundry: Lake Anna "does not" have a linen service and most vacation rental homes on the lake and rental companies at Lake Anna "do not" provide linens or towels or have beds pre-made with sheets upon arrival. What we currently offer is the use of linens (Sheets for all beds, hand-bath-face towels and beach towels for 10) for a small charge to cover end of season replacement costs. The clean linens are left in a linen closet and the guest upon arrival would then need to prepare their bed with them. Upon departure they also agree to wash and dry the linens and towels. (We also leave all detergent and softner to do this) If any guest "does not" want to do this, they are not give access to the linen closet or charged the small replacement fee and would then need to bring their own linens and towels with them for vacation.

The only other cleaning chores required of guests as noted prior in the lease is to remove all food from the refrigerator and to wipe it down, wash their dishes, empty the dishwasher and put dishes away and since Lake Anna "does not" have trash removal, guest must remove all trash and either take it with them or take it to the local land site that is about 5 minutes away. (We also leave for our guests inside and outside trash bags, directions to the land fill and dish detergent for the dish washer) These 3 requested items noted in the lease are basic requests found in most vacation rental company leases.

Please note vacation rental homes are not hotels where maid service is available or can cover this. Our home is cleaned very well after each guests departure and you will see comments in the guest book on how clean it is found. I personally wish Lake Anna offered other services in the area for guests to have a hotel feel or even trash removal, but at this time this area hasn't provided such services. We as hosts try to accommodate our guests with giving them many more things than the typical vacation home like, paper products (towels, napking and toilet paper), soaps and detergents, trash bags and the such because the area lacks some services. Please note Lake Anna is still very quaint and at a slower pace (What we call Lake Time) That is part of the fun of staying at the lake and allows a lot of family time together. -Donna

Alexandria VA
08/14/06 Positive
WOW, what a great vacation. There is nothing that was not thought of to make our stay wonderful. The courtesy call we received upon arriving welcoming us was a very nice touch as well as the bottle of wine.

Thank you very much for a week to remember.

The Anton Family
  Tracie Anton, Newport News, VA

Homeowner Response:
Please note: So as not to think someone duplicated a comment in the system, owner also entered guest's comment left in the physical guest book at the home upon their departure. As always we love to hear from our guests and enjoy sharing their thoughts for future guests. Thank you again for the kind words - Donna

08/12/06 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
"WOW!" What a dream vacation. Thank you for sharing and making everything so perfect. There is nothing you guys didn't think of. The kids had a blast fishing, jet skiing, tubing, swimming and playing on the beach. The play station and all the games were great as a relaxer away from the lake. We would love to come again next year. "

From Jeff, Tracie & Baillie:

Thank you for letting Brenden and Steve and my family stay here.

P.S. My favorite part was the lake.

Thank you for letting us use your home and thank you for an awesome vacation :)

Thank you for letting us stay here, my favorite part was fishing.
08/05/06 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:

Well, Walter (fish from on golden pond) may still be out there, but with a hook still attached, but we had a great stay.

Emilie came close to touching a fish.

Hillary unintentionally ate meat.

Kayleigh got the worst sunburn on her bum

Evan made lots of "bum bum"

Coll fell in love with Kayleigh

and I got to watch it all

so thank you for a perfect end to the summer.

QUOTE of the week:

I want a leather recliner for Christmas!

Gary Miller & Family (Written by daughter Katie age 15)

From a personal note from guest:

Hi Donna-

Just a note to say thanks for a great house! We just couldn't get over how well stocked/equipped.

We will HIGHLY recommend your house to our friends and family.

It has been a real pleasure dealing with you. You've been super!

Regards - Gary

Guest wrote a review on our home for Home Away and these were those comments:

"All the info provided by the owner on this property is 110% spot on... but it doesn't begin to tell the "story".

My wife judged the house spotless (and she is VERY picky).

In 30 years of renting vacation houses we have NEVER rented one that was better equipped and stocked. It had everything. It was as if we were staying at our own lake house that we had owned forever.

Kings Dominion theme park is a little over 1/2 an hour away.

Historic downtown Fredericksburg is a great place to spend an afternoon and is also about 1/2 an hour away. Make sure you go to Carl's Ice Cream. It is unbelievable.

The lake is very large, warmer than a heated swimming pool and was overflowing with fish. Bring your fishing pole(s). And either rent a boat or bring one with you. Cruising the lake on our rented pontoon boat was our favorite activity.

The owners are a joy to deal with. Rent this place!"

07/29/06 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
To: The Seeley & Lockard families:

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us. Our family had a great time fishing, boating and just relaxing. You guys did a great job stocking the house, we couldn't have asked for more (You even had everything my grandson needed) Thanks again.

The Crums
Alexandria VA

PS I had a good time in the loft and I caught lots of fish - Nikki

Comments from the evaluation form: What a beautiful home and the view is totally beautiful. Everything at our finger tips! Wow, all the comforts of home with a lake, who could ask for more. Thanks for making our stay great! We have rented several homes at Lake Anna, this was absolutely the BEST!!!
07/22/06 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
We LOVED the Kindred Spirits and had a wonderful time!

Wingate, Piccolomini & Wiederock families

7-15-06 to 7-22-06

The time I was here every one had fun, even my cousin and me found a lot of sea shells under water with my mask because Alexandra (my cousin) always wanted to ware them. Oh yay me and my cousins loved the up stairs because it had a whole bunch of toys and video games. My uncle bought 3 floaties that was fun. I really had fun.

P.S. Me and Alexandra and my other cousin caught a lot of fish, even me, I caught a 12" bass.

Hi, my name is Alexandra, I had a great time here at Lake Anna. I wish I lived here. I got 3 fish.

P.S. I love the video games and the lake.

Love - Alexandra

On evaluation sheet: The house and all the special extras exceeded our expectations.

07/09/06 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
We had a wonderful time this week. The house was very comfortable. Thank you so much for adding all the little extras to make us feel at home.

The children caught lots of little fish and a few huge catfish (enough for a very good dinner!)

We are definetly considering returning next summer! Shelly, Devin, Justne, Aurea, Cameron & E'lan

Manassas VA

PS - "Few Suggestions" - It would be nice to have a steady fishing table outside to clean the catfishes, a nice cooler so beer & soda's can be stocked up and no need to go up & down stairs for a cold drink. Other than that - we really had a wonderful time. Thanks for letting us share this beautiful home.


Aurea Goodwin

Response from Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove regarding suggestion: Please note at this time we do not provide a cooler for the deck or dock and at the dock/boat slip area there is a large picnic table to eat on, but not a specific fish cleaning table. If you brought a cutting board for fish cleaning you could do that on the dock area. (I noted this so future guests will note to bring a cooler for their outside entertaining etc)
07/02/06 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!!!

John & Deb Heiser
(Gainesville FL)

Hunny & Barb Hinnich
(Treasure Island FL)

Justin & Jennifer Gerber
(Seminol FL)

Sharon & Rick Beyer
(Atco NJ)

Jim & Jo Ittner
(Breckenridge Col)
06/24/06 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Thank you so much for opening your home to us. We feel priviledged to be your first renters!

Your home is beautiful and immaculate. With all the extras and ample supplies it was an easy relaxing trip.

My favorite part, watching my kids play together - after a busy school year it was the perfect time to come and wind down.

The kids favorite parts were fishing (They pulled in a ton of little fish) and swimming. They had a blast! The Lee Family Alan, Beth, Zachary, Madison, Hannah, Ethan & Caleb - Tommy & Loretts

Thank you for letting me and my family rent your lake house this week. My favorite part this week was swimming in the lake and swinging on the blue swings over the lake. We caught a lot of fish and my mom caught two catfish and my dad caught one huge catfish. Thank you, Madison

I love fishing - Ethan

Thank you for letting us stay at the house. It was awesome! I liked the play station & fishing. It was great - Zach

Thank you for letting us come here. It is a beautiful house. I caught the smallest fish -Hannah

(Scribble, scribble, scribble) - Caleb

(Additional comments left on our evaluation form) Everything was way above our expectations. Your home is beautiful and truly feels like a "home" as opposed to just a house. There were so many special extras and the kitchen was well stocked with all of the dishes, pots and pans and cooking utensils we could ever need! We had a great relaxing time. The kids swam and fished non-stop! They had a blast catching all of the fish - and Alan and I even pulled in some large catfish! We went to King's Dominion one day and had fun, but couldn't wait to get back "home"!! Thanks - The Lees (Beth, Alan and Family)
06/01/06 N/A
Guest Comment Entered By Homeowner:
Welcome to Lake Anna Virginia and our home, Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove -
We hope that your stay is one full of fun and wonderful family memories.
This is another new venture we begun this June with our friends The Lockards.
We aren't new at this, we also have a beach home, Seeley's OC Sandcastle,
in Ocean City Maryland which we have owned for many years and the one thing that we have really enjoyed in sharing that home are the great families that come to visit and become a part of the enjoyment and memories as we have made at our beach home.
We aspire to have the same happen here at the lake and hope that we have provided you with everything necessary to make our home feel like yours during your week’s vacation. Relax, have fun, but most of all make some wonderful memories that you will always cherish of your family at Lake Anna.
Thank you for being our guests and
we hope to be the best hosts possible -

The Seeley and Lockard Families
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